At the Law Firm of Edra J. Pollin, we offer “Unbundled Legal Services” for parties to a dissolution or child custody matter who wish to represent themselves while obtaining legal assistance from a highly experienced family law attorney at a much reduced hourly rate. This legal assistance can include, but is not limited to, analyzing the case, determining case strategy, drafting and/or reviewing pleadings, determining child support, maintenance or a fair property settlement, preparing discovery, preparing for meetings with a Child and Family Investigator, or preparing for mediation or trial.  The scope of unbundled legal services is based upon the client’s needs and wishes for legal assistance since the client is self-represented and is using the attorney’s services on an as needed basis.  Edra charges a much reduced hourly rate for unbundled legal services since she is not entering an appearance or appearing in court in these cases.

Unbundled legal services provide an affordable and efficient method of resolving contested issues in divorce and custody cases without incurring excessive legal fees.  These services work best in dissolution or parental responsibilities cases in which both parties are attempting to work cooperatively with one another to accomplish a fair and reasonable settlement based upon Colorado law and the specific facts and circumstances of the case.  If your case is highly contested or is otherwise unsuited for unbundled legal services, Edra will explain the specific reason why she recommends that you retain counsel rather than using this alternative form of limited scope representation.  If you are interested in learning more about unbundled legal services for your case, please call Edra at 303-721-0383.

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