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“Edra Pollin is an incredibly knowledgeable and caring attorney.  During such a difficult time, she helped me move through my divorce with a high standard of integrity.  I can hold my head high and confidently move forward with my life.  Thank you Edra!”
- Stacia Parker
  Douglas County, CO

“Edra, on behalf of my family and me, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and dedication. You exemplify the character, quality, and standards that all attorneys should be held to.  For me you have put a face to the expression “dedicated to excellence”.  It is due to these qualities that my wife and I are able to give our daughters the best opportunities to excel in life and for that we are truly grateful.”
- Tito P. Padilla, Jr.
Arvada, CO.

“Edra Pollin is an outstanding attorney. I could go on and on about how wonderful she is.  Without her incredible professionalism I don't think I could have made it through all the difficult situations my ex-husband put me through. Edra is very supportive and sympathetic to each and every situation. I am so blessed to know her and to have had her for my attorney.” 
- Nina T.
Littleton, CO.

"At the outset of my separation, I was an anxious, angry mess.  My case was complicated on a few fronts, all pertaining to the custody issues.  My ex-wife was deliberately trying to sabotage my parental rights and to otherwise obstruct my access to the kids any which way she could.  She purposefully made up horrendous lies and accusations about my behavior with the kids.  Not only did I quickly realize that I was in for the fight of my life, but that I was going to have to fight on an unlevel playing field given my ex-wife's manipulation and accusations. Please know that I am a practicing attorney myself, and It was overwhelming at first.  I knew that I needed support.  I had known of Edra Pollin through my professional experiences and contacts.  She was immediately on my short-list of potential lawyers for my case.  I cannot express strongly enough how lucky I am that I chose to hire Edra over the other two attorneys that I was considering.  Not only is she truly a dedicated master of Colorado divorce/custody law (she can cite relevant case law on any divorce issue from memory), but I always knew that she was on top of my case, remembering every detail of the day-to-day struggles with my ex-wife.  Edra always made me feel that she genuinely cared about my problem.  Her adherence to consistently communicate with me about developments (no matter how insignificant) was in itself reassuring. I came out of this experience trying to be a bit more like her in this regard when it comes to dealing with my own clients.  Most importantly, Edra always had a clear and calm perspective on what seemed to be pure chaos for me at the time.  I am forever indebted to Edra Pollin for the way that she structured my parenting plan.  From the initial status conference, to temporary orders, to permanent orders; she had a long term goal in mind for me and for the sake of my children.  There is no doubt in my mind that Edra's intervention in my case had a material and deep impact on how things turned out.  Please know that I have equal parenting time and parental responsiblities over my children and that my ex-wife's accusations were all discredited.  It is for a reason that she is ranked one of the top lawyers in Colorado.  Frankly, she should charge more for her services..."
Ed. F.

“Edra was thorough, efficient and knew how to best handle my divorce so that it would be a fair split of everything, but wouldn't break my bank account at the same time.  She is a wonderful listener and will fight for you to the end.  I will refer her to everyone I know!”
- Paulette
Denver, CO.

"I was pleased when Edra asked me to say a few words about my experience with her practice.  Edra has represented me on several post -divorce matters.  On each and every occasion, Edra has demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism and integrity.

Edra understands that her clients are involved in personal conflict and stress.  She responds to inquiries quickly and succinctly.  Her legal advice is stellar and most importantly, Edra knows what it takes to win!"

Michael Y.

“Edra, I am so grateful for all you have done for me and Serena.  God Bless you and yours!”
- N. Cole
Castle Rock, CO.

“I was a client of Edra Pollin's early in 2007.  My case was very complex, and needed immediate attention due to various circumstances.  Edra was very proficient in the handling of my case from the initial consultation.  Her professionalism, vast knowledge, and years of experience were very evident in how she represented me. Edra's office was expedient in handling any needs that arose during the duration of my case I was very pleased with the outcome, and would recommend Edra to anyone in need of a very competent, experienced attorney.  Edra's office staff is exemplary too.”
- Janie D.
Highlands Ranch, CO.

“I had amazing professional service provided by Edra Pollin and her assistants. I met with a couple of attorneys that told me my situation was too difficult and rare, that it would be impossible for me to get any child support from my daughter’s father. We had to deal with him being in another country and being a civilian on a military base. Thankfully, Edra took the time to research ways we could work around my obstacles and was very successful in all that we sought out to achieve.”
- Angela R.
Westminster, CO.

"I just want to thank you for all you have done for both Jim and myself.  Especially the episode over the Memorial Day Weekend 2007.  As you will recall, you and I had rescinded the order of protection against Jim following his and my reconciliation, but unbeknownst to any of us, Arapahoe County had not followed through and the restraining order was still in force.
When Jim and I were stopped by the State Highway Patrol for a traffic violation, Jim was arrested and placed in the Huerfano County Jail in Walsenburg because a routine check of Jim's driver's license showed that he was still under restraint.  It being a Monday holiday, we thought that Jim would have to spend a night incarcerated in Walsenburg.  Edra to the rescue.  I phoned your office, knowing no one was there, and left a message for you to contact me as soon as possible.  Fortunately for us, you checked your messages while you were at a family gathering in Boulder...learned of our predicament and left your event, went to your office and faxed a copy of the judge's order rescinding the restraining order to the State Patrolman in Walsenburg.  After only about 3 hours Jim was released and we continued on our way to South Fork for 3 days of Spring fun in the San Juans. 
We so appreciate your dedication to business. Your immediate response to our distress even though it meant your interrupting your own holiday family gathering, turned a disaster into a momentary pause.   Thanks so much for caring."
- Jean Conway
Arapahoe County

"I retained Edra about a year and a half ago. My case was very difficult and time-consuming. Edra worked hard on my case, and listened to everything that I had to say, and everything that I wanted. On the weekends when I would call and leave her a voice message so I wouldn't forget, emergency or not she would call me back within the next few hours. She would even call me back when she was on vacation. Even after my custody case was settled, she is still helping me with the child support. She has always been professional and always had my best interest at heart. I have recommended Edra to many of my friends and will continue to do so."
-Ashley K.
Aurora, CO

“I found myself needing an attorney. After unsuccessfully finding a way of evaluating attorneys on the web, I turned to a friend who has a great deal of experience in the legal world. When I asked him, he did not hesitate and said, “Edra Pollin”. Having Edra represent me was one of the best decisions I ever made. Her knowledge and thoroughness produced an environment that minimized the stress and frustration you would normally associate with the complexity of this kind of case. If I were ever asked to recommend an attorney, without hesitation I would say Edra Pollin.”
-Chauncey Gerard
Aurora, CO.

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