Mediation is a process of alternative dispute resolution which allows the parties to resolve the issues in their case without the need for a contested hearing.  In theory, mediation is the best possible mechanism for a resolution of complex parenting or financial issues without the need for trial.  In practice, a successful mediation requires: a) the completion of discovery prior to mediation; b) preparations between the attorney and their client for a strategy and settlement proposal at the time of mediation; and c) the selection of a qualified mediator who has the skills and expertise to address the parties’ contested issues.

In most of the greater Denver metropolitan jurisdictions, mediation is required before the parties can proceed to a contested final hearing regarding Permanent Orders.  In some jurisdictions, the parties must complete mediation before they are allowed to proceed to a contested hearing regarding Temporary Orders.  As a practical matter, mediation is an excellent way of resolving disputes in domestic relations cases.  That said, a good attorney can make a world of difference for a client who enters mediation with the desire for a “fair’ settlement but without a clear understanding of both the letter and spirit of Colorado law.  At the Law Office of Edra J. Pollin, we work hard to utilize the mediation process toward obtaining a just and favorable result for our client in all domestic relations cases.

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